Lighting and PVC Stretch Ceiling Systems

Transparent, Lake, fiber optic, digital printed and 3 dimensional PVC tension ceiling systems

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• Thanks to its smooth surface, there is no need to paint and maintenance.
• It can be covered without spacers up to 100 m2.
• Light and functional. Can be disassembled and reassembled in a short time without polluting the environment, up to need for 200-240 gr / m2.
• Hygienic, non-fungal, non-toxin, can be cleaned.
• Thickness 0.18-0.36 mm +- 10%.
• Measurement stability -15C – + 60C.
• Antistatic, non-dusting.
• Antiseptic.
• 100% acoustic.
• Insulative. Provides the highest level of insulation. Thanks to its moisture resistance, it prevents leakage and condensation.
• Solid. With its flexible structure, it is resistant to impacts.
• It is not affected by X-rays and chlorine, formalin and ether trichlorethylene.
• 100% recyclable.
• In addition to flush-mounted and surface-mounted armatures, it is suitable for assembly of elements such as detectors, sprinklers, security cameras, etc.
• Non-flammable in the fire.
• Ithas B-M1-S2-D0-CE certificatesin Europe. 10years guarantee.