Arena Reklam is an authorized dealer of Flexmat İstanbul and Ashgabat.

PVC Stretch Ceiling Specifications
  • There is no need for painting and maintenance through its the smooth surface.
  • It may coated untill about 100 m2 area without middle seperators.
  • Lightweight and practical (200-240 gr/m2). It can be disassembled and assembled again in short time without polluting the environment.
  • Hygienic, doesn’t keep blights, non-toxin, cleanable.
  • Thickness: 0,18-0,36 mm +- %10
  • Measurement stability: -15C -+60C
  • It is anti-static and doesn’t keep dust.
  • Antiseptic.
  • % 100 acoustic.
  • Insulator. Provides the highest level of insulation. Prevents condensation and leaking through moisture resistance.
  • Durable. It is impact-resistant with its flexible structure.
  • Not affected by x rays, clorine, formalin, ether trichlorethlene gasses.
  • % 100 recyclable.
  • It is suitable for sensors, sprinklers, security cameras etc. in addition to flush & surface mounted luminaires. Nonflammable.
  • It has B – M1 – S2 – D0 – CE certificates in Europe. 10 years warranty..
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